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01. Divine works I [03:22]
02. O'ecclesia [03:38]
03. Prelude (j.s. bach) [04:16]
04. Divine works II [03:58]
05. Adagio (s. barber) [05:12]
06. Gloria deo patri [04:59]
07. Adagio (t. albinoni) [06:19]
08. Sonata no. xiv - adagio sostenuto (l. beethoven) [05:17]
09. Tranquility [03:47]
10. Organ concerto (j.s. bach) [07:25]

The enigmatic German producer ,“The Brave,” has returned. The man who created the multi-platinum Sacred Spirit (Virgin Records America, 1995), which brought international attention to the musical legacy of Native Americans and the Grammy®-nominated Sacred Spirit II (Higher Octave, 2000), now turns his attention to another body of ageless works with Classical Spirit.
Offering a handpicked selection of tracks from his import only releases Ancient Spirits (1997) and Divine Works (1996), Classical Spirit blends diverse and alluring creative components: timeless works by Beethoven and Bach, ancient choral chants sung by nuns, luminous Russian choirs, and modern musical elements. The results are mystical, contemporary, and eternal.

The Brave is one of today’s most progressive artists and producers. He has spent years journeying to every corner of the musical spectrum to create his masterworks. In addition to his multi-platinum, highly acclaimed Sacred Spirit series and his production work on Rose Moore’s (one of Native America’s best known singer/songwriters) recently released Enya-esque Spirit of Silence (OmTown, 2002), The Brave has also enthralled fans by fusing the Blues and Classical music on Indigo Spirit (Higher Octave, 2000); capturing the exotic high-desert energy and authenticity on Moroccan Spirit (Higher Octave, 2002); and introduced listeners to a new interpretation of dramatic Flamenco guitar with Spiritual, Spiritual (Higher Octave, 2001), the fourth album in the series from B-Tribe, one of his other incarnations.

Classical Spirit continues his musical alchemy. It is not Classical music with the same old club beats and rhythms simply layered atop. This is music refined, both ancient and modern, that cuts an innovative path through previously untrodden ambient musical territories. It’s fresh and exciting brimming with The Brave’s sophisticated platinum touch.

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