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Резил: 1999
Жанр: New Age, Ethnic
Качество: 160 кбит/сек
Объем: 90,67 Mb


01-Queen Of The Blossoms
02-Fairy By The Moonlight
03-Spring Tea Ceremony
04-Bi-luo-chun Tea Ceremony
05-The Unwordly Beauty
07-The Yin An Yang In Harmony
08-Dancing Shadows
09-Tea Song Of The Xiang River
10-Starry Sky
11-Dancing Song Of The Yap Tribe
12-Autumn Colors On The Que And Hua Mountains
13-Remembrance In Separation
14-A Pool Of Cool Freshness
15-Laurel Blossom
16-The Great Mercy Incantation

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