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Эти песнопения взывают к вашей небесной душе, чтобы освободить ее духовную энергию с ее сверкающими способностями и и живительной мощью, для усиления токов вашего сознания, для укрепления жизненной силы и трансформации второго тела. Яркие и бодрящие, тонизирующие и волнующие, тектонически активные, но нежные мелодии.

This chant contains four words:

BA: The Egyptian word for the Celestial Soul.

RA The Egyptian word for the Fire of Consciousness (referring to the sun god RA, and in this chant RA refers to the etheric fire of your inner sun (the Solar Plexus).

SHEM: A derivation of the Egyptian word for sekhem or life-force.

KA The second body (the energy body which becomes the Sahu or Light Body). It is the same shape and size as your physical body, and being an energy field, it permeates every space of your physical body.

It is also known as the etheric double or spiritual twin.

The chant is a calling to the Celestial Soul (the BA) to emanate its spiritual energy with its luminous enlightening and enlivening powers to amplify the fires of consciousness (RA), to strengthen


Find a comfortable sitting position, with your spine erect.
Note: This is a digital re-mastering of an original analog recording. There is a level of hiss in the background that is notfound on todays digital recordings. In the re-mastering process we kept the high-end frequencies as they are crucial to the energetic effects. Although the recording is a seamless 65 minutes 31 seconds in length, there are markers that will show up on your CD player’s track monitor allowing you to identify where the original track is repeated.

Casual Listening
You can listen to this as you would any other type of music. It is ideal as an ambient sound field (at low volume) for periods when you are working in a dynamic or creative way.

Massage and Energy Work
Although this chant is energizing, it is ideal for some types of massage or energy work especially when dealing with energetic blocks in the mind/ body complex.

Sitting Meditation
The purpose of this meditation is to draw spiritual energy from the BA (your Celestial Soul) into the KA (your energy body). Energy follows awareness and wherever you move your attention during this meditation, the spiritual energy from the BA will tend to move there.

Find a comfortable sitting position with your spine erect. (Note: You can do this lying down, but avoid the temptation to go to sleep.)

When you hear the word BA in the chant, move your awareness to a point above your head where your hands would touch were you to raise your arms above your head. This is the BA point. Note: You do not do this meditation with your arms and hands raised above your head. They are used only as a reference point for your mind to locate the BA point.
When you hear the word RA, move your awareness from the BA (above your head) to your Solar Plexus, located in the pit of your stomach.
This brings the energy down from the BA into this area of your body, your inner sun (RA).

When you hear the world SHEM, move your awareness down from the Solar Plexus to the base of your spine (the cradle of sekhem, your life force).
Then, when you hear the word KA, move your awareness throughout your energy body, imagining that this second body is the same size and shape as your physical body and that it permeates every space of your physical body. Sense the movement of subde energy from the base of your spine into your KA.

When you choose to end the meditation, turn off your listening device and focus your attention on the movement of spiritual energy through both your KA and your physical body, Take several minutes focusing in this way, before returning to outer activity.

Moving Meditation/Trance Dance
In many ancient Egyptian temples, especially those of Hator, sound, music, and movement were often used to produce altered and receptive states of consciousness. There are many ways to use this recording to explore the unusual states of body and mind that take place during trance dancing.

Here’s just one suggestion:
Find a space in which you can move comfortably. Move your hips to the rhythm of the music. Start with a circular motion and alternate with a back and forth movement of the hips and spine. Find a range of motion and a type of motion that feel best to you. Do not overextend yourself. Find a range of motion that is comfortable for you.
Breathe slowly and deeply as you move, and if you feel like it, make the sounds you hear in the chant out loud on your exhales. (Important: If you get light-headed decrease the depth and speed of your breathing.
If the light-headed feeling continues, stop movement and sit or lie down, until the light-headed feeling stops.)

As you hear the word BA, reach up to the space above your head. Bring your hands down in a sweeping motion to the Solar Plexus when you hear the word RA, as if you are tracing the movement of spiritual energy from the BA into the Solar Plexus.

Then move your hands toward the base of your spine when you hear the word SHEM (meaning sekhem or life force), as if tracing the movement of spiritual energy from the Solar Plexus into the base of the spine.
Finally, when you hear the word KA, move your hands out from the base of your spine sensing the flow of spiritual energy from the base of your spine into your KA (energy body).

Whenever you decide to stop the movement, either at the end of the chant or sometime during it, turn off your listening device and take a period to sit still or lie down, focusing on the continuing sensation of movement, even though you have actually stopped dancing.

Focus on your KA body (your energy body) during this period of stillness. Feel the subtle sensations in your KA as it is permeated with the spiritual powers that have descended from your Celestial Soul (the BA).

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как услышать эти песнопения????!!! ничего, ни звука...

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