Автор: Robert Haig Coxon
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Качество: 320 Кбит
Размер: 78 Мб

"When one taps into their real creativity, miracles start to happen.
Robert Coxon, composer of the best selling Cristal Silence series and The Silent Path, has developed this amazing tool to help the listener enter a world of magic."

(lor of nine best selling books)

«Lorsqu'on louche a sa mate creativite, les miracles commencent a se
produire. Robert Coxon, createur des albums a succes Cristal Silence Series
et The Silent Path, a developpe cet etonnant outilpour aider I'auditeur a
penetrer son monde de magie.»
Lee Carroll (auteur de neuf iiwes a succes)

1. Mental Clarity 22:00
2. Profound Harmony 13:36
3. Deep Level Music 16:19

Composer/Arranger: Robert Haig Coxon,
Producer: Robert Haig Coxon/R.H.C. Productions Inc.
Recorded at Studio 270, Outremont, Engineer: Bernard Grenon

78,01Мб, 320 Кбит, инфа для восстановления

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